Stream of Consciousness

This is a poem I wrote on April 4, 2017. I wrote it in pen, in my journal, and then translated it to this page. I did not make any edits to the original copy; its my version of “free-styling.”

Let me write this in pen
So it cant be erased.

You should read what is about to follow
Every. Single. Day.

You are not important.
You are not special.
And your thoughts and feelings contrary to these two points
Is what leads to delusional living.

You are one in seven billion
In counting.

And you can count on that.
Always, cause' its not changing.

In fact, you are becoming less important
and less special
every single moment.
If there is even any special 
or important left to reduce.

[There has to be a but.]

You are one in seven billion,
The only one in seven billion.

Find what makes you the only one
And savor it
Rest in it,
Be IT.

You can either feel bad
about your lack of importance

What an amazing sensation it is to feel insignificant.
Its not painful, nor pleasurable.
It does not make me joyful, nor sad.
It simply is. Its what is. Its the Truth.

Its not afraid of success
because its not afraid of failure.

How can you not be afraid of success
if you are afraid to fail?

But that feeling of insignificance
That is the remedy to fear.

The rivers of the world have been flowing 
long before you were here.
And they will continue flowing
long after you are gone.

Remember that, and don't forget. 

The distractions will make it easy to forget.

The social media. 
The facebook, the twitter
the instagram, the snapchat.

Your "profile"
Your "followers"

Nobody is following you.
To follow implies to lead.
But who is leading?

Hard to say—
No, its hard to see.

Hard to find a single leader
I'd call mine, 
I'd call my own.

When I get like this,
incisive of our society
I'm in my zone.

The only problem is,
that when I'm in my zone
I feel alone.

I guess that's why they call it my zone.
Cause' if its mine it cant be yours.

My zone.
Find your own.